New Chiropractic Patients

 As a Synergy patient, we’re going to spend some time together, and I want to get to know you and your story. My goal is to find you the personalized mix of care that is customized to resolve your issue. You’ll never receive “one-size-fits-all” treatment, and I’ll never try to rush through your care. 

At many healthcare appointments, they want just the highlights so they can get in, get out, and move on to the next patient. I want your full, complete history so that you can learn how to take care of yourself better.

All new patients start with an in-depth, one-on-one consultation that takes about 45 minutes.


History Deep Dive: We start with a deep dive into the history of what brings you to my office. I want to hear about your pain, and I also want to hear about your complete medical history, see any imaging reports you have from X-rays or MRIs, and learn about what kind of stress you put on your body at work, at home, and through exercise. Bring your questions! I want to know what you've already tried, whether it's helped or not, and what your personal goals are for living in your skin.

Preliminary Exam: Before we begin treatment, I’ll examine your whole body to see what aches and pains, old injuries and surgeries, and other factors may be contributing to your problem. Block out some time so we can talk. Bring your whole-body medical history. Then, we’ll talk about treatment options and decide on a course of action together. 

First treatment: Once I get a good idea of what’s going on, I'll perform your first treatment so you can walk out feeling better than when you came in. For more on our methods, click here.


  • Be on time so we have the full 45 minutes to work together.
  • Fill out your online paperwork right away (link will be in your welcome email). 
  • Wear/bring loose clothing for ease of motion during treatment.
  • Bring any medical imaging reports to help with the deep dive.

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